Bronco National Parks

The Ford Bronco and the Fight Against Wildfires

In the face of persistent wildfire threats, Ford Motor Company, in partnership with the Bronco Wild Fund, is taking decisive action. A powerful and purpose-driven initiative has emerged, as Ford generously contributes a commanding Bronco Badlands® SUV, complete with the formidable Sasquatch® off-road package, to the esteemed National Park Service. This exceptional vehicle is poised to play a pivotal role as a firefighting command center at the iconic Bandelier National Monument, actively contributing to the coordination and containment of wildfires.

The Bronco’s role in wildland firefighting stands as a testament to Ford’s unwavering dedication to our cherished public lands, as previously exemplified by the Bronco + Filson Wildland Fire Rig Concept. This donation is made possible through the remarkable Ford Bronco Wild Fund, an organization passionately dedicated to enriching accessibility, preservation, and guardianship of our natural wonders. The fund beautifully embodies Ford’s profound reverence for our public lands and enduring commitment to preserving them as a haven for all. The Bronco Wild Fund has already made substantial contributions, totaling over $3.7 million, to diverse causes, including esteemed institutions such as America’s State Parks, National Forest Foundation, Outward Bound, and Sons of Smokey.

Nestled in the captivating expanse of New Mexico’s northern reaches, Bandelier National Monument sprawls across a vast 33,000 acres. Mere hours away from Albuquerque, this mesmerizing terrain boasts rugged canyons, majestic mesas, and historic treasures like petroglyphs and cliff dwellings. With a rich human history dating back over 11,000 years, the site holds profound cultural and archaeological significance. Positioned in the transition zone of the American Southwest’s high desert, Bandelier National Monument serves as a pivotal site for studying the rapid impacts of climate change. Regrettably, an extended fire season has led to an increase in wildfires within the area.

With a significant portion of Bandelier designated as wilderness, the lack of infrastructure poses a substantial challenge to firefighting endeavors. Enter the Bronco wildland firefighting command rig, bolstering Bandelier’s fire fleet and enhancing their capabilities. This donation marks the debut of two Broncos, meticulously developed by Darley for the National Park Services and an upcoming wildland firefighting agency—a pioneering initiative aimed at addressing critical needs. These vehicles serve as dynamic command centers, fostering reliable connectivity and facilitating vital information sharing among firefighting teams.

Renowned globally for its manufacturing and distribution of defense, fire, and rescue vehicles, Darley has masterfully customized the Bronco command rig. Outfitted with an impressive suite of equipment, this vehicle excels in active fire monitoring, fire identification, real-time updates on fire location and severity, and comprehensive firefighting support. This cutting-edge technology empowers firefighters to address wildfires more effectively, ultimately minimizing their impact on the environment.

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